Leaflet Studios

We will (finally) be making our Leaflet Studios available today.

The AcuGIS Leaflet Studio will be available to all AcuGIS clients (along with plugins).

The Omeka Leaflet Studio will be free for AcuGIS clients as well as for academic use.

Enrolment for the Omeka Leaflet Studio requires only a .edu email address.

We will post links and documentation a bit later today.

We hope these tools will help save you some development time as well as make a useful addition to your websites and applications.



Omeka Leaflet Plugin GPL Available

The GPLv3 release of our Leaflet Plugin for Omeka, “MapFig“, is now available for download.

You can download it here.

The original post, here, also contains the updated link.

Thanks to those who provided feedback on initial release.

If you previously downloaded the AcuGIS.zip file, you should remove and replace with the MapFig.zip file.