DSpace at AcuGIS

DSpace at AcuGIS

When we began to offer DSpace at acugis.com, we did so with the same mission we made for ourselves with our GeoServer hosting;   make the technology accessible and affordable to individuals as well as organizations of all sizes.

We are very pleased to relate that response to our hosted DSpace plans has exceeded expectations and customer satisfaction has been excellent.

The overwhelming favourite for theme selection has been the responsive Mirage2 theme.

This theme requires some extra components, but the fast, responsive and easily customized theme has made Mirage2 more popular than XMLUI/Mirage and JSPUI combined.

In the weeks ahead, we will introduce new tools for DSpace to make updating and managing your instance even simpler and more powerful.

DSpace 6.x should soon be available for production (although no date has been given).

We look forward to making hosted DSpace as simple and feature-rich as possible.






We’re please to announce the we are moving our Digital Archiving hosting to it’s own property, cited.io

cited.io will provide DSpace, VIVO, and OpenJournal hosting.

While we can provide services of virtually any scale, we will initial continue our focus on individual scholars and smaller organizations and institutions.


Why DSpace?

DSpace at AcuGIS

It’s been almost four years since AcuGIS began offering GeoServer hosting.

It began as a simple concept; make GeoServer accessible and affordable.

We created our GeoServer hosting service to allow anyone interested in GeoServer to access it without the hassle of configuring a VPS, installing JAVA, Tomcat, etc…. or the expense of having to pay someone to configure a VPS, installing JAVA, Tomcat, etc…

As the service became more popular, we began adding more and more tools to our control panel: extension installers, our shp2pgsql tool, one-click PostGIS and PgRouting installation, etc….

AcuGIS is now privileged to be providing GeoServer hosting to services to individuals, businesses, and organizations in over 40 countries worldwide.

Today, we set our sights on another service that has traditionally been too costly or too complex for many; DSpace.

Our initial DSpace hosting plans are geared towards individuals, departments, and smaller organizations, all of whom can benefit from the great features that DSpace has to offer.

Our DSpace Personal hosting package is available at the introductory price of $25 per month.  While those who enrol at that price will maintain it, the pricing will likely be raised for new customers once we have utilized the initial data centre resources we allotted for this new offering.

DSpace requires a good deal more server resources than GeoServer. It also requires more support resources to configure as it is tailored to the customer’s needs.

However, as with we have done with GeoServer, PostGIS, Neatline, and our other offerings, we will automate and tune our DSpace hosting to allow us to keep the price at a level that is accessible to as many as possible.