AcuGIS Plugins now available via!

AcuGIS Plugins now available via!

We are pleased to announce that both our Escher and Carta plugins now have a home at the plugin directory.

The Escher plugin allows you to download plugins from within Omeka.

The Carta plugin allows you to add Leafletjs maps to your exhibits.

Both will continue to be available via GitHub for those who wish to fork, develop, etc…..

Thanks to Patrick Murray-John for assisting us in getting the plugins situated.

Having a central home in the Omeka plugin directory will allow us to more easily maintain and update the plugin as well as provide users with one location for download.




Carta 1.2.2

Carta 1.2.2

Our Carta Leaflet map plugin for Omeka has been released.

You can get it on GitHub or download from our portal.

New features include:

  • Import fields from your Items, Exhbibits, and Collections
  • Fancy modal option for infoBoxes
  • Basic Image Overlay
  • Admin and User Opacity controls for Overlays
  • Marker Clustering
  • MiniMap
  • Auto Focus (zoom and map position – WYSIWYG)
  • Side Bar option (show/hide sidebar)

You can find the documentation, still in progress, at

If you encounter any issues, please submit via GitHub.

Any questions or comments, please let us know at

Carta: New Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Carta – Leaflet Map Plugin

We are very pleased to announce the release of “Carta”, our new Leaflet plugin for Omeka.

In addition to allowing you to add custom maps to your items, collections, and exhibits, Carta also allows you to import fields from your Items, Exhibits, and Collections.

You can import multiple fields as well as style them as well.

Additionally, the new plugin creates 4 map groups featuring the most popular map providers.

It also allows you to add any map provider as well.

Markers, Lines, Squares, and Polygons are all supported.

The plugin is free and can be downloaded at

The plugin will be released to the Omeka community as well in the coming days.

If you have any issues or questions please create a support ticket.


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GeoNode Hosting at AcuGIS

GeoNode Hosting

We’re please to announce that AcuGIS is now offering GeoNode hosting

Our new GeoNode hosting packages include the full GeoNode 2.4 application stack, along with PostgreSQL 9.5 and PostGIS 2.2.1.

The hosting platform Ubuntu 14, with CentOS coming soon.

To help kick things off, we have put together special introductory pricing.

The introductory pricing is quite low as our hosting follows GeoNode’s own recommended minimum of GB of RAM per instance.

Learn more about our GeoNode Hosting Packages

Learn more about GeoNode