PFSense Firewall

All of our OpenGeoSuite hosting packages now included a dedicated PFSense firewall.

The PFSense appliance is dedicated to your OpenGeo instance only.

In combination with IP tables and our external firewalls, you can be assured that your installation is secure.


PostGIS SQL Mapping

PostGIS SQL Maps

We are looking for clients to beta our new PostGIS mapping application.

The application allows you to create Leaflet maps via PostGIS queries.

It also allows you to add multiple layers to maps as well as style layers and markers.

If you are familiar with PostGIS SQL and would like to try the application, please email

Beta users will be asked to provide feedback and will be provided with the application for continued use.

Leaflet Studio

We will be adding an updated shared leaflet studio for AcuGIS clients.

The current studios at and will continue to run for those that are using them.

The current commercial version, which you can view (and use) at, includes a number of feature enhancements, updated marker set, and new UI.

This same version will be made available to all AcuGIS clients at later in the week.