New PostgreSQL Snapshots

One-click PostgreSQL Snapshots have been added to your control panel.

Now, In addition to our daily, weekly, and monthly PostgreSQL backups, you can create your own backups in one click.

Snapshots create a backup in both Plain Text and Custom formats.

Your Snapshots are also stored on our remote server along with scheduled backups, so you can access your Snapshots at any time via our new panel.

You can also restore Snapshots in one click!

As with scheduled backups, on-demand backups do NOT count against your disk space allotment.

New PostgreSQL Video Tutorials

New PostgreSQL Video Tutorials

Please be sure to visit our new PostgreSQL Video Tutorials.

The tutorial section also features test scripts for PHP, PDO, JSP, Python, and Perl.

We will be adding additional PostgreSQL tutorials soon, as well as PostGIS and GeoServer tutorials.

Is there is a tutorial you would like to see? If so, drop us a line or create a support ticket and let us know.

Be sure to also view our knowledge-base and FAQ section as well.

New PostGIS Installer

You can now install PostGIS via cPanel.

Simply log into cPanel and click the PostGIS icon located in the “Databases” section.

Select the database and click the “Install PostGIS” button.